Moving Kids

Max Barker - Moving Kids
in a better direction.

Ruff! Ruff! Hi, I am Max Barker! I’m so glad you chose to visit our site, and I am thankful that it gives me an opportunity to tell you about me. I am the mascot for Max Fitness. You can always recognize me by my bright red sneakers and trademark black shades (which if I’m not wearing are always close by). My job is to watch out for our beloved little pups (our kids) and helping them make a change for the better.

I’m not too cool for school; in fact, I’m the opposite. I am all about education. My favorite subjects are educating the public on childhood obesity and bullying. Obesity rates have tripled, 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese, and bullying in schools is at a whole new level. Take it from me, no one likes having their tail pulled! I, Max Barker, am on the case to tell all about proper nutrition and exercise for our young pups. I hope you will be seeing me soon, but you can always follow my tracks on Facebook or Twitter.